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Hear from the founder

Why did I start Jemili?  It’s story time people.   [1:40 minutes read]

I was working for a San Diego telecommunication firm years ago. The all-expenses paid training in Las Vegas for 7 days was long, overwhelming and mentally exhausting. 3 weeks later, we still hadn’t completed our corporate training.  3 new hires out of the class of 19 never made it passed Vegas on account of misbehavior. I guess, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas for them.

As a business development executive, we generally don’t tend to be well organized as a bunch. My biggest hurdle was working through the clunky, slow and disjointed administrative processes. We logged into 9 different systems that didn’t talk to each other. I hated it!

So I developed my own “book of business” dashboard on Excel. I grouped 8 systems into my one dashboard. I was more efficient, and more organized than my peers. My VP at the time was beyond impressed and had me train the rest of the office to use my system.  I was hired by a larger company and they had a similar problem.

I realized that most companies I had worked for in 20 years were not streamlined to onboard new employees and slow to get them trained and productive. I had been a catalyst of change and transformation, streamlining operations with improved system.

If I could help companies save money, time and frustration to their staff…that would be EPIC!

Jemili was born!

Jemili hails from San Diego

[Jah-mee-lee] adjective: “I love the…” in French; Whatever you do, do it with love, passion, relentlessly pursuing transformation.

The meaning of our brand: Have you noticed that our logo starts out dark blue and color phases to orange gold. We believe that every living organism and object evolves over time. People, businesses and its employees are not spared from the transformation. On your personal, professional or business journey, Jemili grasps the need for intentional transformation. You started one way, and along your path, you refine who you are like gold.

Why us? Seriously, why choose us?

Who can bet reputation and money on a 7 days go-live guarantee that 90% of marketing agencies will run away from? From the time we’re up, we breathe, think, and dream about making our customers more efficient. We are critical thinkers, coupled with urgency, fun and lovability factor.

The earth had a facelift in 6 days and ready on the 7th. We have a process to get your digital makeover in 6 days and hand you the keys to your kingdom on the 7th.

Results or nothing

If the results can’t speak for themselves why are we even talking?

We move swiftly with eagle-like focus; that is go-live as quickly as possible!

Hearing our customers rave about the transformative work we’ve done for them is work-gasmic.

All about you

Enough about us, tell us about you.

We have a remarkable track record of being one of the most customer-centric company.

We are accessible, serving and at the beck and call of our clients. We are your fan rooting for your success.

Simplifying everything

Technology is complex and ever-evolving.

We understand that you have a business to run and worrying about technological efficiencies is not your business. It’s ours.

We started this venture because it was frustrating to get slowed down by technology or the lack thereof.  Does this resonate with you?

What we do

Pre-Covid-19, businesses were thriving, off and online. 80% of businesses have to pivot to a digital market strategy in order to remain relevant. The demand for digital solutions has dramatically increased by over 70% across the world. Jemili is a technology company, in San Diego, California that provides digital solutions and strategies to businesses.

Digital in 7 Days by Jemili does Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website redesign and development, App development, Content Marketing, Copyrighting, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce sites, Database Management, Back-end Operational Apps, Cloud based Apps, financial and operational efficiencies.

Fun in the office

We spend 8+ hours days 5 days a week doing what we do.
We encourage you to enjoy what you do as much as we do what we do.

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.