Champion Eyes




The Customer Profile

Champion eyes is a martial arts dojo in Oceanside, California. They provide training to kids, teens, adult, families, private classes and weapons training. They promote self-confidence, self-discipline, resilience, techniques and lots of fun. They don’t have an ecosystem of automation to onboard new members. Everything is manual.

The Problem

They don’t have an ecosystem of automation to onboard new members. Everything is manual and slow. They have long forms that are manually completed by the staff and signed by a new customer. These are stored locally with risk of loss. They also don’t have connected email system. They do not have a lead generation system in place.

The Solution

Jemili is experienced in thinking through the workflow processes and implementing it. We started by redesigning the customer facing website to suit their brand. We added business applications and members only accessed area to manage onboarding and member profile management. We also added an online process to securely complete the application remotely or in person from any device. These applications would be stored in the cloud for easy access.


We devised an online marketing campaign for paid ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. We installed Pixels, starting running campaigns to generating leads.  

  • Secure hosting
  • SSL encrypted transactions
  • Firewall protection
  • Email Marketing module (in place of Mailchimp)
  • Online automated membership payments
  • Staff/Member messenger chat
  • Dojo schedule calendaring online
  • Invoicing monthly
  • Secure cloud storage

The Integration

We integrated payment processor and automated recurring membership billing. 

Cyber Security

We provide maintenance and cyber security of the platform. We conduct daily backups and monitoring of malware. We installed SSL encryption and firewall and authentication processes.

Continued Customer Support

We believe a company is the reflection of its leader. Jean-Luc has always been known for his extremely warm people personality. People just want to be around him because he always has a great attitude. If he was on the titanic, he would be one the musicians that decided to stay behind and play while chaos ensued around them.

Customer support is the most important aspect of Jemili’s business.

We provided hands-on training, how-to-videos for the staff and we answer texts and calls.

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.