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It’s crucial to design online ads that will not just be attractive and appealing to the eye but ultimately will convert visiting customers. Here are few tips when designing your digital ads.

Write a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

If you take the time to write an ad, it has to stand out from your regular online content to attract your online visitors. The call to action is the most important thing on your ad, as you can have the most attractive design, but fail to convert pleased eyeballs to paying eyeballs. What do your potential customers really want? That’s the question your ad answers.

What size ads should you use?

The best performing standard ad size is 336×280 large rectangle. It is closely followed by the 300×250 medium rectangle and 160×600 wide skyscraper. These stats were shared by Google AdSense a few years as an effort to help online marketers optimize their digital Ads.

What color ads should you use?

Your ads should complement your overall website design and not distract from the user experience. With that said, you want your ad to stand out slightly so to attract eyeballs towards your ad. You can use a custom color palette to help increase your click-through rate. It’s also preferable that you do use borders around your ads.

Here are the most commonly used standard ad sizes


Check out Google Ad-sense for detailed sizes and ad placement.

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