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Entrepreneurs love the excitement of a new business opportunity or project. Just like a new car smell, the first time you get the key to your new home and are moving in, your first date with someone special, the grand opening of your new business. These are all new and exciting things that 99.9% of us human beings love. Fast-forward, a few months or years down the line and things are getting tough and roadblocks are increasing rather than decreasing…what do you do?

Most people start to come up with a list of excuses for falling short and think exit-quit strategy. While this is the easiest thing to do, how about doing something to re-invigorate you and re-energize your passion for your business or project. In short, DON’T QUIT YET – REST INSTEAD. Creating the right mental state is nurtured through creating some healthy business habits.

8 short habits below to get you refreshed and back on track.

1. What are you thankful for? 

Many business owners, entrepreneurs forget to be thankful for all the small wins they’ve had. The first win, is the balls it took to start your business and you should be thankful you had the courage to begin. “Many people fail before they begin just because they don’t dare to even begin.”

2. Accept perfect imperfections

I had a hard lesson to learn when it comes to expecting perfection before starting. The preparation process that involves me getting myself perfect, before emerging out of the house in the morning is crazy. I have to have everything right, from the shoes, the socks, the shirt, the watch, the suit, the handkerchief, the beard, and the perfume must all be perfect. If not, I feel off and my day could be off. “This habit translated into my wanting my business to be perfect before launching. It cost me time and opportunity, rather than launch and perfect as you go.” Jeff Bezos from Amazon start in a garage with an imperfect system. So did the other major brands we know today. Forget perfection, just start!

3. Journal

“It provides a level of introspection and builds powerful memory habits.This therapeutic practice is hard to keep up with, however, writing down your thoughts and getting them out of your mind, onto paper can reduce anxiety and stress. I find that this also allows you to process things that are happening that you don’t have time to process during the busy day.

4. Sleep

Proper sleep will keep your business brain quick, fight off anxieties, bad moods, keep your youthful look. I remember when I was first working on the strategy, and business plan, I couldn’t sleep because of the torrential rains of ideas that couldn’t stop harassing my brain. Over-time, the loss of sleep started to drain me so much, my days were less and less productive. Burn out becomes a reality when sleep is mismanaged. “Your business is not going anywhere, your ideas will still get implemented when you wake up fresh and ready to tackle to day.”

5. Exercise

Physical activity helps reduce stress and anxiety. “I’m so busy” was my most pronounced phrase, it might as well have become my last name. “The truth is that we’re never too busy to do things that matter. Exercise is one of those things that absolutely matter.” One of the habit, wealthy and successful people develop is a routine and regiment that includes exercising. For me, it’s cardio, cycling, and basketball. If you don’t like exercising, it could be as simple as walking 45 minutes a day.

6. Breathing

“Practicing breathing slows down anxiety and calm down your running thoughts.” And the best thing is it’s free! Seriously, I never realized how a simple 5-10 minutes breathing helps to re-calibrate yourself. It’s soothing, calming and allows you to get back in control of business situations that seem to run out of your control. Remember, this is your business and you breathe into it, what it should have.

7. Support

This is one is my personal favorite and you’ll understand why. You will want to quit at least a thousand times before you are successful at your business. You’re looking at other success stories and telling yourself, if they did, so can you. But then here comes the obstacles, and difficulties of your own path…that creates a “I’m tired and burnt out” feeling and people quit. Having one or more people in your support system to whom you should let know to not let you quit when you’re down is key. They will pick you up and speak anxiety out of your head.

8. Speak victory for Failure is only a part of the success

Most of us operate based on what we believe. Those belief systems have been created and cemented by what we heard since we were kids. “What we hear positions us and what we say directs us.” What are you saying about yourself and your business. There is a positive out of every situation. Failure is only temporary but you must learn to say that yourself to believe that about yourself.

Oprah Winfrey, was fired from her first TV job as an anchor in Baltimore. Steven Spielberg was rejected not once but twice by the University of Southern California’s school of Cinematic Arts. Walt Disney was told by a former editor that he lacked imagination and creative ideas. Albert Einstein was thought to be mentally challenged because he couldn’t speak until 4 and couldn’t read until age 7. JK Rowling was on welfare, divorced, broke, depressed single mother. Will Smith was bankrupt and broke before becoming the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Elvis Presley was fired from his first gig at the Grand Ole Opry. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and the list goes on….

What you say about you and your business in the face of failure, against all odds will carry you through the dark, exhausting days. It will also fight anxiety and stress as you recharging belief in your vision. 

“Regardless of the business vertical you find yourself in there will be challenges, and it’s important to have a regiment that will keep anxiety, stress and business burn out at bay. What would the world be missing if these legends had quit? What about the ones that actually quit and the world missed out on their unique awesomeness!”

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