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Branding done right.

  • Done-for-you posts

Digital in 7 days by Jemili’s marketing team designs social media engaging posts every month. We provide you with an automation calendar access for approvals. We’re all about efficiency!


  • Save time and money

Most clients who work with us don’t have the time to keep up with trends and create content consistently.  Hiring a serious social media management firm becomes the most cost efficient  path.  In which case, you will save time, money and streamline your brand growth.


  • Increased conversations

In our social media calendar, expect to get engagement questions, conversation starters, infographics, educational posts, great quotes, and all holidays with their relevant hashtags.

1. Pick your industry

We devise social media strategies and content for various industries. A dedicated social media manager will basically get married to your business, immerse into your brand and help you grow organically.

2. Pick your language

At Jemili we are fluent in French, English, and Spanish and will craft your social media posts in English, French or Spanish. We comfortably interact within the context of your audience to maximize engagements, sales and grow your follower base.

3. Approvals

Your social media manager will provide you with content we designed weeks ahead to get your approval before posting. Do we have to be in your office? No! We do everything remotely and way way in advance. We’re streamlined 🙂

The most important aspect of a business for growth is marketing. The majority of spend in any business is absorbed in Sales and Marketing. This investment’s return can be measured via proper analytics.

You’re the expert in your business

Stay in your lane

We take care of your pain

  • You’re overwhelmed

There is too much know and to do to create quality social media content consistently

  • You’ll get distracted       

While working, you get distracted consuming content when trying to find relevant trends

  • You’re not the expert

It takes you hours on end to do what the social media marketing experts do in minutes

  • You don’t have the time

You may know how to create content but your time is more valuable working your business

Why sales and marketing?

Social Media Marketing in today’s business environment is often very under-estimated. It is crucial to have a social media presence for your business.

Social media marketing stimulates online conversations and promotes engagements with compelling content, images, and videos.

Your business needs to be where your customers are, engaged with them and converting customers conversations into paying customers.

You have to market where your prospective clients are and spend their time. Numbers don’t lie.

In 2009, 24% of the U.S. population had a social media profile Vs. 81% in 2017, per statista, a professional statistic portal.

Where are people hanging out online?

Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the leading social media platforms worldwide. Facebook has over 214 million users in the U.S. alone. More than 73% rely on social media reviews, and online content to decide where they’ll go and what they’ll do next.

Jemili works to make sure your social media platform is the bridge that leads potential customers to your destination and turns them into consumers of your products or services.


Location, location, location! If you’ve lived long enough, you understand that this used to be the “make or break” of a business. Well, welcome to the post-covid world.

It’s now consistency, consistency, consistency!  Buyer psychology states that it takes 7-9 touches before a customer would commit to buying from an unknown brand. Think about the last time you purchased something from a brand you had never seen before. Online marketing is indispensable to accomplish growth.

Our strategies provide your audience with messaging that resonates with them and moves them from viewer to buyer.

We're planners

Marketing is a business line item that is indispensable to any business.  The best products with poor marketing strategies or no visibility fail every day while average or poor quality products with awesome marketing thrive.

This area is intimidating to some without expertise and time consuming for those without the team to do it. No matter the case, there is an undeniable need for business to remain visibly relevant.

We have dedicated team members to stay on top of our customers marketing and execute needed strategies with consistency.

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.