Red Lotus Wellness Center




The Customer Profile

Red Lotus Wellness Center is an Acupuncture and wellness clinic in Carlsbad, California. They specialize in helping couples with difficult pregnancies, auto immune diseases and chronic pain.

The Problem

They had an outdated, badly developed non-responsive customer facing website. The navigation was very confusing. Although they ran ads that would get hits, the click-through rate was grossly elevated and they saw 0 conversions. They were bleeding marketing money and business was slow. On top of that the type of patients walking in the door was not the target patients they were looking for.

They had an e-commerce page that was not flattering and inconsistent with the brand and their level quality service.

The Solution

We devised a plan to overhaul the entire online presence by giving Red Lotus Wellness Center a digital makeover and facelift. We modernized the customer facing website, added lead capture with response automation. We set up a mega digital marketing plan to include, google ads, social media marketing, organic and paid strategies.

We take professional grade photos of the actual clinic, video the doctor for the needed digital content.

We redesigned their products by taking e-commerce worthy images of each product and installed the e-commerce section with integrated payment processing, transaction security.

  • Secure hosting
  • SSL encrypted transactions
  • Firewall protection
  • Email Marketing module
  • Staff/patients messenger chat
  • Chatbot on website
  • Social Media Marketing

The Integration

We integrated payment processor, and E-commerce.

Cyber Security

We provide maintenance and cyber security of the platform. We conduct daily backups and monitoring of malware. We installed SSL encryption and firewall and authentication processes. And we simply do what many businesses don’t do these days….answer texts, calls and emails immediately

Continued Customer Support

We believe a company is the reflection of its leader. Jean-Luc has always been known for his extremely warm people personality. People just want to be around him because he always has a great attitude. If he was on the titanic, he would be one the musicians that decided to stay behind and play while chaos ensued around them.

Customer support is the most important aspect of Jemili’s business.

We provided hands-on training, held their hands for 6 months after go-live. We kept fine-tuning and making necessary adjustments during the first 3 months based on real-time situations. And we simply do what many businesses don’t do these days….answer texts, calls and emails immediately.

The Results

Customer is no longer burdened with anything either than running the clinic. The doctor is more productive and more focused on her patients. There are more online conversations and the automation is running efficiently. They have a presentable responsive, SEO enabled, mobile-friendly website that reflects consistently with their brand and the higher paying target audience.

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.