Domain {The Location address online}

What is it?  Why?

This is your business address online. Confirm name availability quickly. People and businesses use this to get found online.
Without it, you can’t be found.


Example. 128 Jeanluc Street, San Diego CA 92128
This is my home address. People can come here to find me.

What kind of domain should you get?

If you are an e-commerce, think about the kind of products or services you’re providing,

If you are a consultant personal development coach www.

Web Hosting {The lot number of the property}

What is it?  

Thisis place that your house will be build on.

Every online site has a host kept on servers that allows it to be digitally accessible.


Without this, people can’t see and interact with your digital platform


Lot 40 Shenanigans Ct.

Website {The house itself}

What is it?  

This is copy. “Copy’ does not mean, plagiarism. It’s the industry jargon for content, pictures, texts, products, etc…


You own this just like owning your house. We always encourage people to own the final destination of their online visitors. They have full control of what goes on their platform,

IF you lease or rent a house, you must ask permission for most changes be it cosmetic or foundational. Your risk of losing your home is higher since the owner dictates the terms.


The websites our clients ask for: e-commerce, online course, booking platforms, and fully integrated websites with database management.

Cybersecurity {Gated community & guards}

What is it?  

This is the online protection that your online asset needs to keep your content and customer’s information safe. Commonly known

Why this?

Without SSL encryption and firewalls, you’re exposing yourself and your customers to hackers. You could lose your business in an instant without proper protection. And Google gives low rankings to such sites

Yes you need this

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed the influx in online activity. Businesses and people worldwide are pivoting to more digitized solutions.
With that said, hackers have are exponentially sophisticated and bolder than ever.

Go Live & Marketing {House warming and hosting parties}

What is it?

You’re now ready to invite people to your new site. You will host parties and have fun with your guests and community.


Google Ads. By far, the most utilized form of online marketing for conversions.
Marketing.   Social Media Marketing is also used to find interested buyer. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest