SVN Vanguard Smartspace




The Customer Profile

SVN Vanguard has over 50 locations nationwide. They sell commercial real estate and also provide executive suite leasing. Smartspace, the subsidiary of SVN Vanguard, is a commercial leasing company that offers luxury executive office space on a full-time, part-time or book as you need offices primarily in San Diego, California. They also offer conference rooms for tenants and non-tenants alike to use for professional business meetings.

The Problem

The well-meaning previous administrators at Smartspace had done all they could to provide the business with necessary applications. The problem is that they had managed to sign up with over 6 different platforms that didn’t connect or talk to each other. This made administrative activities slow, inefficient, disjointed and costly.

The Solution

Jemili has multiple business applications to run operationally sound from the single platform. Our team worked with Smartspace’s team to redesign the front-end customer facing website and integrate the needed business solutions.

  • Secure hosting
  • SSL encrypted transactions
  • Firewall protection
  • Email Marketing module (in place of Constant Contact)
  • Online office and conference booking reservations (in place of booking +)
  • Online payments for bookings (in place of manual process)
  • ACH/CC tenants rent payment (in place of Zego)
  • Project and task management (in place of Trello)
  • Staff/Tenant messenger chat
  • Appointment calendaring
  • Invoicing monthly rents to tenants (in place of rent manager)

The Integration

We wanted to minimize manual processes as much as possible while making sure quality was not sacrificed over convenience. We integrated payment processors automations that only required some eyeballs for quality control.

Cyber Security

We provide maintenance and cyber security of the platform. We conduct daily backups and monitoring of malware. We installed SSL encryption and firewall and authentication processes.

Continued Customer Support

We believe a company is the reflection of its leader. Jean-Luc has always been known for his extremely warm people personality. People just want to be around him because he always has a great attitude. If he was on the titanic, he would be one the musicians that decided to stay behind and play while chaos ensued around them.

Customer support is the most important aspect of Jemili’s business.

We provided hands-on training, held their hands for 6 months after go-live. We kept fine-tuning and making necessary adjustments during the first 3 months based on real-time situations. And we simply do what many businesses don’t do these days….answer texts, calls and emails immediately.

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.