How Can I Work Smart?


From the time you get up, you are already on overdrive because you have to return calls, read emails, get proposals ready, work on customers issues, work on excel, create a new customer profile, learn a new system, find a more performing software, work on your marketing strategy, schedule appointments, wait a minute, have I had coffee yet or lunch? There is so much to do and so little time to do it all.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you work smart.

1. Prepare your morning routine/ritual the day before.

Most billionaires have a daily routine to which they stick as best as they can. Your morning ritual shouldn’t be made up on a whim or that same morning but should be prepared the day before or the week before. This will time management extremely focused. Ex. Before you awake, know what you will wear, have for breakfast and kiss your family before leaving.

2.  Have a daily schedule of tasks 

If you don’t prepare your next day tasks the day before, tasks will create themselves for you in a very unproductive manner. Having the game plan before the game gives you the edge.

3. Automation processes

I used to love watching Marcus Lemonis’ show #TheProfit and one thing I’m sure every business learned was the vital importance of fluid processes. It’s worth your time to talk to people, expert matter when it comes to automation. It’s an investment that will allow you to outperform your competition, cut out the stress, and output faster and better.

4. Find someone who can do what you can’t

I hope in your business plan, you have a blueprint that takes you from being the do-it-all, wear all hats, to delegating things you shouldn’t do, and don’t have time to do. They are anti-growth and one of the biggest enemy for businesses. If budget doesn’t allow, have an honest conversation with the expert matter and discuss what it takes for you to grow and figure a win-win opportunity. Don’t stop until you find a professional willing and ready to take off your plate things that weight you down.

5. Daily recap

At the end of the day, I usually do a recap of my day. I recall to my mind everything I did from the time I woke up.  I then quickly evaluate what worked, what didn’t, what needs improvement, what I could have done better and how I will do it better the next day. This will increase your memory and brain power capacity and give you an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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