Go-Live in 7 days

If we can’t do it in 7 days, it’s free to you.

You need help designing a website in 7 days?

Many businesses have a sense of urgency to be their best as soon as possible. Every day is a missed opportunity and we’d like to minimize this as much as we can and get you to go-live quickly.

Go-Live in 7 days is all we focus on. However, we can’t do it without your participation. We have a process that makes this insurmountable objective possible. We are confident in the way we do things, from inception to completion.

Front and back-end platforms

There are 7 billion people on earth today and approximately 1 billion blogs online. This translates to an overwhelming amount of websites. You need to cut the fluff and provide value to your audience very quickly. 

Jemili develops websites for customers in various industries. We embrace your vision, strategically design the echo system of your digital platform from the customer-facing website to the back-end applications to process payments, auto-schedule appointments, manage memberships and custom-designed business applications.


Landing Pages

Business Sites



Coaching Sites

Here’s our simple process

We streamline and remove the headaches from the creative process. Here’s how we start:

Consultation and framework ideation

This initial process gets our developers understand where you are today. We need to get in your head to visualize what’s in there.

We fast track the process by presenting you with layouts that you feel fits your brand and business persona.


Once you’ve greenlighted the project, we get to work ASAP. We’re all in and focus on nothing else but go-live for your business.

1st Delivery

We’ll meet with you again to present the mockup and initial design. This allows to start playing around and make sure we’re still aligned in our thoughts.

Fine-tuning and delivery

We’ll make the necessary revisions until your satisfied.  We work on fine tuning your platform, putting the finishing touches.


The intensity we put in working 7 days on nothing but your project. Once you’re satisfied with your project, we ensure everything is connected and flows. We hand you the keys to the kingdom before or on the 7th day.

The go-live date is based on when you want from that point on.

Continuous improvements

We don’t abandon you post-launch. We stay around as close as you need us to be. We provide you training on how to use your new tools. We prepare a library of how-to videos you can use to refresh yourself and your staff.

Optional services

Add-ons we provide:
Domain purchase
Secure web hosting
SSL encryption
Cyber security malware protection
Business continuity / backups
Digital marketing / Social media marketing
Email marketing

Can we really pull it off in 7 days or less?

Absolutely! We are process and results driven.