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Power Business Mapping

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The First Page Profile

1. The First Page Profile: What should your presentation profile looks like

| 6:13 MIN

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The Business Opportunity

2. The Business Opportunity: What problem do you solve.

| 7:29 MIN

The Target Market

3. The Target Market: What is your ideal customer

| 3:01 MIN

The Industry Analysis

4. The Target Market: Competitors and keys to their success

| 4:12 MIN

The Implementation Timeline

5. The Implementation Timeline: How will you roll out the business and each customer

| 4:42 MIN

The Marketing Plan

6. The Marketing Plan: Which channels and platforms will I use

| 9:07 MIN

The Funding Required

7. The Funding Required: How much is needed and where will it go?

| 4:37 MIN

The Financial Summary

8. The Financial Summary: What do your finances look like?

| 10:05 MIN

The Financial Projection

9. The Financial Projection: What are our revenue expectations?

| 8:37 MIN

The Current Team

10. The Current Team: Who are the current team player?

| 6:11 MIN